“How can I run when I can’t even stand up!”


How can I run when I can’t even stand up!

At the end of last season I went to watch my 5 yr old grandson play football at his  Gala day .

The first game was very successful, then he played in the sun on the lunch break with his ‘grown up’ friend who had come to watch him play.

After lunch, for the second match, he was not keen to play and collapsed in tears by the fence. His mother tried to persuade him to go out on the field, as did Nanna and one of the player’s mother. We all know kids are resilient and if only we could get him on to the field he would forget about the pain in the back of his knees. Eventually I managed to persuade him to sit on the bench and watch with us.  After a bit of coaxing his reply was,

“I really want to play, but how can I run when I can’t even stand-up?”

Eventually at half-time the coach said to him,

“I think you would be able to get a goal in this match, why don’t you just stand by the goal mouth and your team can kick you the ball.”

He then allowed himself to be picked-up off the bench and taken out on to the field. After a minute or two he was running around with the others and eventually he scored a goal.

Is this like many of us? We know that we can run, but we don’t know how to stand up and take those first steps towards the goal.

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