Anita Fursland

The "Unreal"Real Estate Realist

Over only 5 years Anita has built up a property portfolio worth nearly 3 million dollars, starting with only the equity in the family home.

Learn her 5 simple steps to securing a "Lifestyle" retirement.

Anita "Tells it like it is "


Anita Fursland - Speaker

Areas of Expertise

Anita delivers engaging presentations on many aspects of property investment such as:

  • The benefits and pitfalls of starting to invest in positive geared properties
  • The difference between Positive and Negative gearing
  • Why she believes NSW is the best state to invest in right now
  • Building a portfolio for better results, faster
  • Finding Cash-flow properties to secure your retirement

Confident and experienced in presenting one to many, she is able to tailor her presentations depending on type of audience and time available.


Anita has spent most of her life working as a radiographer in hospitals all over the world. In 2005 she achieved Certificate IV in Real Estate Anita was over fifty when she purchased her first investment property, using the equity in the family home.

Now, after only 6 years, she has 7 properties worth close to $3million. Anita has survived raising 3 daughters and now has 3 grandsons. Always looking for new opportunities Anita is “transitioning to retirement” and spends much of her time helping others to find a passive income to secure their retirement.

Speaking Experience

Anita started her speaking career as a Tupperware manager, over 10 years her audiences ranged from small personal groups to large gatherings. Since taking on property investment she has spoken at Networking groups inc:

  • 4 Networking
  • Positive Properties
  • Mediacorns.

She runs her own seminars on Realities of Real Estate Investing and has spoken at multi-speaker events with top presenters such as Toby Travanner.


In her spare time

When she is not scouring the suburbs and countryside for cash-flow properties or crunching the numbers, Anita is driving to Nimmitabel to check on the progress of the eco-friendly holiday house she is planning to build on 100 acres of bushland.

She also enjoys attending show-jumping competitions in support of her youngest daughter and spending time with her grandchildren.


Inspired Investments

Anita’s mission statement :

Everyone in their retirement should be able to pay their heating bills, put food on their table, and then some!

If you’re looking for a speaker for a property investment day, conference or management workshop Anita delivers fun and entertaining presentations targeted to your requirements.

She also specializes in educational seminars for high school students or ‘middle-aged, middle income’ audiences  advising on the benefits of building a portfolio of truly positive geared properties.


Contact Anita About Speaking Opportunities
02 9545 5005
0405 100 146


“I have known Anita Fursland for a number of years and Anita has presented at my Sydney Property Meeting group to my members. Anita provides a down-to-earth approach to investing, and is inspiring to listen to, as she explains “how it is done” and encourages people to get into property investing and wealth creation and take control of their finances.

Anita is authentic and open, and especially relevant as a speaker today as she shows that anyone can be successful in investing, and that age is not a barrier - for all those mum-and-dad investors who feel that they have left it too late, Anita’s message to them is that it is never too late to take action. Thanks Anita for your lessons in investing.”

Mark Kelman
Leader of the Sydney Property Meeting group
Director and owner of Achieve Property

Anita Fursland

Property Coach

Anita is known as the “UNREAL” Real Estate Realist.

Anita runs a coaching/mentoring programme specializing in finding positive geared properties. Over 50 when she started to invest in Real Estate, in less than five years she  invested in seven properties , worth almost $3m. She liaises with Real Estate agents such as Ray White, Harcourts and Richardson and Wrench, etc. and has a passion to work with people who want to get started with a real estate investment portfolio, who have the challenge of not knowing how to start or where to look! Anita helps them get their finances organized so that they can receive a passive income to secure their “Lifestyle” retirement.

Typically her clients are women and men, usually over 40, who believe their “super” will not serve their retirement. Helping  middle income people take advantage of the current global situation, (often by using equity in their family home) Anita teaches them how to find and where to find positive cash flow properties,  so that they can ensure a secure retirement.

Her product “The Lifestyle Retirement Programme” is a 6 month course based on ‘teach a man to fish’ principle. She takes them from the start, helping them to find out where they are NOW, to where they want to BE, ie to have a positive geared investment property within 6 months. Her aim is to follow up from there to help them achieve many more sustainable properties before they retire, achieving a ‘Lifestyle Retirement’.

The Lifestyle Retirement Programme consists of:

  • 1 hour discovery session
  • 2 x 1 hour phone calls/month
  • 90 mins Seminars –Realities of Australian Real Estate + Don”t Let Your Money Retire
  • ‘One-Day’ workshop
  • Plus on going support by phone or Skype when needed and visits to properties on occasions

If you would like to know more about how Anita and Positive Properties can help you, apply for a FREE 30 mins Discovery Session (normally $97.00)  now!

Call 0405 100 146 or put your details in the reply box below.


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