Property Tips for Baby Boomers

Many people are concerned about the Global Economic Climate at the moment.

They have seen their Superannuation depleting due to the recent falls in the Stock Market.

They have seen the value of their family home stagnate if not drop.

They are worried and confused and don’t know where to invest the money  that they do have.

“It  doesn’t matter how old you are, I didn’t start until I was 55. I already control over $3m worth of property.

There are great ways for older people to use the equity in their family home whilst transitioning to retirement.”

Two of the biggest problems which people face are:

  1. not knowing where to look,     or
  2.  how to crunch the numbers.

“But the good news is they can turn the situation around and start now, I didn’t start property investment until I was in my fifties and I’ve created some excellent investments that will support me in retirement.”

“A lot of people think that buying Real Estate is easy, anyone can do it, but it’s a bit like bringing up children there are a lot of pitfalls along the way.”

Advice for baby boomer investors :

*Have their family home valued so they can determine how much they can borrow

*Minimise Credit Card Limits to increase their borrowing power

*Look for properties where the purchase price is a 1:2 ratio to the rent, ie if a property price is $200,000 the rent should be $400/wk

*Put separate investment properties in each partner’s name, not in both names to avoid paying too much land tax.

Ms Anita Fursland from Positive Properties has tips for baby-boomers to help them take advantage of the current low interest rates and stabilising house prices.

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