1 Hour Discovery Session                                              

Neil Petersen- Round the World Yachtsman! How would you feel if your financial planner told you …….. That to achieve Financial Freedom you would have to sail around the World single-handed?

  • Would you feel fear and trepidation?
  • Would you think  “I don’t even know how to sail. “?
  • Would you ask yourself  “ What sort of boat should I buy?”
  • Then start to panic “I don’t know anything about prevailing winds and ocean currents!”
  • Unrealistic? Yes,

but what if he/she told you……..

That to achieve Financial Freedom you need to own 10 investment properties within the next 10 years?
  • Would you feel the same fear and trepidation?
  • Would you think  “I don’t know how to invest.”?
  • Would you ask yourself  “ What sort of property should I buy?”
  • Then start to panic “I don’t know anything about buying cycles or demographics!”

If you answered Yes to those 3 questions and feel you need someone to guide you through the process between Financial Planner and Real Estate Agent to a Lifestyle Retirement, then contact Positive Properties for a discovery session on how you can fulfill your Financial Planner’s dreams for You!

Book in now for your Discovery Strategy Session to discuss your needs, goals and where you are now! Build your property portfolio with solid foundations!
In this 1 hr session you will:
  • receive clarity on your goals and current situation
  • learn how to create a deposit of $30,000
  • discover how you can invest in  Positive Cash-flow property and look forward to a brighter, more secure future and retire doing the things you love!

Normally $197, but only $37


p13 Common Mistakes that inexperienced investors make! Are you curious about the three most common mistakes that investors make? Through my seven years of investing experience this is what I’ve discovered:-

  1. Most inexperienced investors buy on emotion.
  2.  They don’t crunch the numbers.
  3.  They don’t buy in the right areas at the right time.

FREE  TIPS  put your details in the opt-in box at top of page!   Did you know that:

  • Most first -time Investors are so caught up in buying a property just for the sake of owning an investment they don’t assess the situation properly or do their due diligence.
  • Many do not crunch the numbers and take into account all the relevant expenses, including renovations and repairs, to see if they can actually afford the repayments on the mortgage. They also need to consider future mortgage rate rises.  They see a property for $350,000 receiving $350/week rent and think that it’s a good deal.
  • Also they don’t know how to research the buying cycles of various areas. Which means a lot of people see a huge demand for an area  and do not realise they are buying at the top of the market, only to be disappointed  a few years later with a lack of capital growth.

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