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Speaking of Property



More people are getting into rentvesting!

In this article by Danielle Cahill from, she explains the term and trend of rentvesting! “One of the growing trends seen in recent years as house prices in inner city areas have risen, is that more young people are getting into rentvesting. Working professionals are buying properties on the outer edge of the city…

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The top five pitfalls to avoid when investing!

Love This! The top five pitfalls to avoid when investing: Michael Kodari   Investing is a fantastic way to build your finances and generate an additional stream of income. However, when it comes to investing your money, there are many dangers to be wary of. From my experience, there are several key mistakes that people…

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Neal Petersen

One Hour Discovery Session

                                       Neal Petersen- Round the World Yachtsman! How would you feel if your financial planner told you …….. That to achieve Financial Freedom you would have to sail around the World single-handed? Would you feel fear and trepidation? Would…

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“I have known Anita Fursland for a number of years and Anita has presented at my Sydney Property Meeting group to my members. Anita provides a down-to-earth approach to investing, and is inspiring to listen to, as she explains “how it is done” and encourages people to get into property investing and wealth creation and take control of their finances.

Anita is authentic and open, and especially relevant as a speaker today as she shows that anyone can be successful in investing, and that age is not a barrier – for all those mum-and-dad investors who feel that they have left it too late, Anita’s message to them is that it is never too late to take action. Thanks Anita for your lessons in investing.”

Mark Kelman
Leader of the Sydney Property Meeting group
Director and owner of Achieve Property

“Through her coaching & seminars, Anita now helps many first time property investors get into the real estate pursuit, just like she did, by adding her experience in her failures as well as successes.

Anita’s style is personable and fun while providing invaluable knowledge of the Australian Real Estate Market. I highly recommend this seminar for you and think you will gain some invaluable insight & knowledge from attending.
Anita is the perfect coach when it comes to finding positive properties to invest in. She is attentive, always available & really knows what she is talking about. She is an invaluable resource for people who are looking to make a start with property investing but don’t really know where to start. She always goes the extra mile, is willing to travel and really cares about her clients. I wouldn’t be without her.”


Evielyn Chapman
Mavn Digital

“Anita is both efficient and proactive in her approach , I truly believe that she is an asset to our speaking platform as she is a mature lady speaker who can be seen as a mentor who walks her talks .”

Victor King


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